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Scanned script for Reset round 1 (bad quality) by Finion591 Scanned script for Reset round 1 (bad quality) by Finion591
It was months ago when round one was only shortly over, I believe, that there was a conversation about the scripting phase for the rounds. Wanted to upload it sooner but didn't had a scanner. Now there is one. Yay.

The original file is apparently 118 MB large. What have I just done. In full view you can read it best. I guess. So sorry, ahahahah ha haaha a

Yes. Yes the scanning possibilities aren't really good ^^; . And yes. Checkered/ plaid paper. I. I like the stuff ok. ...ok? It is in every way shape or form badly put together, ahahaha. Ha. So sorry ...

Regardless, there is quite a handful in German, something I didn't feel to translate on the pages themselves haha. If you want anything else translated/ explained which I don't list, do say.

What followed after these sketches: 1&2 , 3&4 , 5&6 , 7&8 , 9&10

Page 1

The upper part, overall functions. What the (incorrectly as 'Bonfire' labeled) Will 'o' Wisps did, the idea for different park sections, different groups of Chimeras and the note that Chimera functioned as power source for the park.

The lower part, rewriting the prompt 'in my words'. To have it around to think about. "Not the same house for everyone?"

Page 2
The entire round on one page. Additionally a few quotes and ideas so I don't forget. A mention of Frostbite's destiny in my version (after their death in the Reset world, a virtual room, they would have been 'send back' to the point of where they were picked up. Without memories. If they would have won, their memories simply would have been replaced, with a self from their desired time (the original body would have still been in the place where it was before), deleting the previous and creating a new time line. No idea how that would have worked for Nomatt/ Frostbite. Or anyone else who wanted to go to a time where they didn't exist.). The Chimera who picked Cheese, was also meant to be a bit. 'Special' and not so close to the others. Of course. Because protagonists get the special things. "Fun House" I. Did not had a good/ quick translation for it, so it stuck around.

Page 3
Before the battle
- Becky + Cheese = BFFs
- Test run + death mechanic
- "Change what bothers you, Cheese"
- "There's an audience"
- Chimeras, all the same
- Virtual room

During the battle
- Becky? (to indicate a gain in distrust(?) on Cheese's side)
- It's no show fight
- You have a first name, Cheese?

After the battle
- Becky is a monster!
- "If you want to go back, you win. Or you die" , which would've been mentioned in the death mechanic
- "Why me?" "It was a mistake, but I owe 'you' something."

Page 4
The first pass had the idea, that Becky would cause her own undoing. Smashing a great hole into a wall and, due to her own weapons (and Cheese maneuvering her into them), being thrown out of the house, into another dimension. This was cut as Becky apparently wouldnt have caused his kind of damage. Actually, until the last minute. I had the idea that for every round Cheese had a sort of. Special 'opponent fitting' monster form. Together with fitting covers for each round. Alas. This one would've been a snake.

Page 5
Tiny bit of the end for the previous page's story pass. "Page pacing version 1" . Something that got a little blurry "Death mechanic (the mention thereof) in round 2 or the end of the first, because 'Floppy ears' (different Chimeras, different nicknames) is lazy?"

Page 6
The point where the fun house suddenly turned black over time, and where the black was more connected to spawn the most random nonsense ever. Instead of just. "Why is it black? What the" Also more hints to Cheese and Becky both causing it (they are reality warpers, both, afterall). Haha, the lazy Chimera, instead of making more 'room' for each of the houses, just stacked them over each other (you were supposed to see other competitors through the black as well) it caused enough of a hassle so the dimensions the fun houses were from merged into all the others, opening up these black portals.

Page 7
Thanks to the Tapestry of Horror OCT, were I still scripted German first English second, I learned to not do that in international environments. So dialogues in barely checked English! He, the style I drew the thumbnails in, was, hmm, inspired/ badly copied from a webcomic artist I watch (… ). The only pages that are still ok and made it to the final pass.

"Should Becky be on page 1? Or cameos?", "more Cameos? No booth, but a store?" and such comments.

Page 8
A little left over dialogue for the previous page, otherwise not much to say. Well, ok. The pages were the "you should keep to the 'every page has a meaning' thing" began, just. Heavily overdone. Creating this, terribly fast pace.

"He introduces himself first?", "Mention that Chimera speaks through the Wisps?"

Page 9
"No Becky on page 6?!", "More panels? Definitely?", "smaller view with less focus on the door?"
"Ja nee" = "Yeah noo" Though, it feels there is a difference in usage. Ja nee, is more of a long sarcastic sure rather than a direct "no"?.

Page 10
"Or is the old page ok?", "Door disappears", "further to the left" and these things.

Page 11
Page 7 is, what you still can see. Page 8 is where a longer fight would have happened, Cheese hiding by jumping through a hole in the wall, showcasing more that the fun house they are in is run down, rather than at it's peak. While he hid. A shark would have landed nearly on top of him, coming from the black portal stuff. No idea why no water came with it.

"Sketch it again?" directed at page 8.

Page 12

A different approach to the same scene. Not too happy.

"Leave the page away??!", "Scene from further away?", "*gets weapon"

Page 13
"Sand comes from above" Cheese wasn't very well shown within/ where he was the room. The resketched version was showing the scene that also became the actual page 9, but it was not quite over. Back then. Page 10, the script which had the snake. Becky flees!

For some reason Becky also stuck a prybar in the black mess rather than her gun. Which she still had in hand?

Page 14
Cut the hiding and shark scene. Was a little clunky. Didn't help the pace, though.

"Jumps over something? With a dive roll? Evades something" in the end, the herd of sheep, still in the entry, were said something. "- Escape + Items & Creatures enter the fun house", "stands still  and hides in the next room (hint towards the hand)" the Cheese would have gotten a limp hand thanks to the shots. Which wouldn't have made sense due to the cartoon physics (and thusly was changed). However I would have let him wonder about why he didn't have any problems in round 2. (Also, as Becky wouldn't have died, their conflict would not have been resolved after she got brought back, maybe he would have gotten slight problems after Becky vanished. No one knows.)

For page 9: "Panel shows how she dips the prybar into the blackness", "Blackness covers ground instead the wall?", "- Becky unravels the mystery of the blackness", "- Cheese tries to scare her"

For page 10: "Becky changes her clothes sooner?", "- Giant Mungo! And knight armor (for Becky)" with a sad little "no Mungo D8?" comment from me. "Can I talk to you, Mungo? - No" Likely said by Cheese. "The tail of the mungo will be cut by the blackness" Cheese would have changed into a more mobile/ smaller form since the mungo got into play.

Page 15
Entering the large mirror hall (with only broken mirrors and blackness behind them)

For page 11: "Ending through nonesense"

For page 12: "Chimera gets Cheese out of there. Talking, blah blah"

Cutting the scene. I guess it started there (the cutting nonesense), wanting to change it so the mungo was gone, but the end would have been in the same mirror hall.

* "Bitte Ende" might be better translated as "Please, End". Personifiyng the End, asking it to finally say hello. Not that it really would change much for the translation.

Page 16
Ended the scene without a conclusion, Cheese might have kicked Becky through one of the Black mirrors in his smaller form. Then came the final version, were page 9 and 10 where the last two. "not good but doesn't matter!" I wrote next to it.

Page 17
Last bits of dialogue.
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